Sit On II kids

Sit-On II - Kids

  1. The child can remain sitting on the sling

  2. Supports thighs and back

  3. Lifting capacity up to 255 kg


Net Polyester


Moving and handling children who need to remain sitting on the sling

The Sit-On II - Kids sling is designed for lifting and moving children who need to stay sitting on the sling for long periods due to high weight or customized wheelchair. It supports the child’s thighs and back and the design prevents the thighs from rotating inwards during lifts.

The sling is intended for lifts to and from a sitting position from a bed or wheelchair but is fitted while the child is in a lying position. It can also be used for recovery from the floor and transfers to a mat or tilt table. The sling is suitable to stay under whilst seated.

The Sit-On II - Kids is available in several sizes and made from net polyester material, which is breathable, allowing the air to circulate around the body, reducing the risk of heat and moisture forming.

The sling has a Smart label with RFID technology. The data embedded in the tag on the label is a unique serial/identification number and includes the production date. The RFID tags in Guldmann slings are of the passive type and can be read with most RFID reader technologies on the market.

Lifting capacity of up to 255 kg/560 lbs.

The sling is compatible with all Guldmann ceiling hoists and mobile lifters.

Using the appropriate sling is essential for an efficient transfer in order to provide comfort, dignity and safety for the user and care provider. For additional information on how to choose the correct sling and size, please see our Guldmann Sling Guide or the size guide below.

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Product Number Size Material
297001 4-6 Net Polyester
297011 6-10 Net Polyester
Sit On Comfort - Sling on-off in bed

Sit-On Comfort / Sit-On II sling instruction - Apply sling in bed

Need help to choose the correct sling?

Using the appropriate sling is essential for efficient transfers to ensure comfort, dignity, and safety for the user and the care provider. The type of lifting sling have a major influence on the quality of the movement of the individual user Get help to choose the correct sling using our Sling Guide:

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