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Security and ergonomics
at day-care institutions

Day-care institutions are often established for specific users, diagnoses and/or age groups.

These can include residential homes, shelters, special needs schools and institutions, paediatric day-care centers for children and teenagers with physical or mental disabilities, or centers for people living with brain damage or multiple disabilities.

As day-care centers serve as both home for the residents and a workplace for the staff, they must be equipped with the right aids to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for the staff – and to boost life quality and functional skills among residents.


Day-care residents may have widely different levels of physical or mental disability, and will, therefore, need correspondingly different levels of help.

Common tasks at day-care institutions:

  • Moves from bed to wheelchair
  • Moves to and from bath chair/stretcher
  • Repositioning in a wheelchair
  • Positioning and turning in bed
  • Training and mobilisation
  • Weighing residents
  • Hygiene procedures
  • Changing bed linen

Freedom of movement and safe working environment


At some day-care institutions, residents require so much care that they need help with almost all everyday tasks and procedures.

In such cases, the staff has to use a hoist system to assist with most lifts and moves in order to maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

With a ceiling hoist system, assistance with lifts, moves, and training is always within easy reach, making this an excellent solution at day-care institutions, where freedom of movement and the opportunity for residents to customise their own personal space are key concepts.


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