Ceiling Hoist Systems

  • Transfer Treatment Training

  • GH3+ Lifting module - Intro and Basic Use


  • Guldmann Slings

  • The Z-method instruction video - Use the Z-method to apply a lifting sling in bed

Disposable Slings

  • Disposable Micro Plus - Sling on-off in wheelchair

  • Disposable High - Sling on/off in bed

Mobile Lifters

  • GL5.2 Mobile lifter - Lifting from and to wheelchair

  • GL5.2 Mobile lifter - Lifting from bed to wheelchair


  • Free-standing room covering rail system - How to install - Easy, Practical, Safe

  • Positioning lock – Intro and basic use

Lifting Accessories

  • Digital scale - How to mount with Quick connection

  • Digital scale - How to use the scale

Senge og lejer

  • SCHMITZ Quality

  • medi-matic® 115.9 - Key Feature 3D-Film (english)

Work Process Optimization

  • Working process: Turning a patient on the OR table manually vs using a ceiling hoist

  • Working process: External digital scale vs Integrated digital scale


  • Rehabilitation at van Huijkelom Physiotherapy

  • Activities of Daily Living in the kitchen

Early mobilisation

  • Early mobilisation - The first steps

  • Early mobilisation - To the bedside

Intensive Care

  • Positioning sling and Multi Support - for proning a patient

  • Repositioning Slings and Smart Glide for proning in bed

Bariatric Care

  • Bariatric Care Solutions

  • Gait Trainer Bariatric sling - Ambulation with and without walker

Long Term Care

  • Marienlund Care centre DK

  • Safe gait training with Active Trainer sling and ceiling hoist

Pediatric Care

  • Active Vest Kids instruction video - Examples of exercises with Active Vest Kids

  • Active Vest Kids instruction video - How to put the Active Vest on the child / take the Active Vest off the child

Operating Theatre

  • OR - Turning to lateral position

  • OR - Turning to lateral position and lift of upper body

General Hygiene Tasks

  • Using the Basic Basic sling for toilet visit

  • Lifting an arm for hygiene purposes


  • Maskiningeniørstuderende i praktik hos Guldmann - Sebastian

  • Elektronik Ingeniørpraktikant hos Guldmann - Simon

Other videos

  • Veterinary hospital - Using GH1 ceiling hoist

  • Patient Story: Emilee

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