Ceiling hoist systems

A ceiling hoist improves
the working environment 

A ceiling-mounted hoist system is often the ideal and most effective way to lift and move people. Mounting all the lifting equipment at ceiling height frees up floor space and makes it much easier to get around. A hoist also saves on time and resources, because everything you need to carry out a lift or a move is always close to hand.

It is a well-documented fact that the use of ceiling hoists reduces the amount of strain, over-exertion and injuries – and this means less sick leave and greater work satisfaction for carers.

Guldmann lifting modules are designed for heavy lifting with capacities of 175–500 kg. They are effortless to operate and provide exceptional freedom of movement. In most cases, this means a single carer is able to carry out day-to-day lifting and moving tasks without assistance, freeing up more time to care for the individual user.


Always ready for use


Runs effortlessly and silently with
gentle, gradual start and stop


Simple, intuitive operation,
emergency stop and emergency lowering


Space for good posture, freedom
of movement and ergonomically sound operation


More time for care


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  • EU Declaration of conformity - Lifting modules

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Effective and thoughtful lifting

Our ceiling-mounted hoist is an integral part of a complete range of lifting equipment that includes rails, lifting modules, slings and lifting accessories – all designed to fit together.

All this lifting equipment can be combined in many different ways, and makes it possible to accommodate just about every kind of requirement in any building, including private houses as well as residential homes, institutions and hospitals. The system is modular and can be configured in many different ways to comply with specific needs and locations in full.

Identify the need:

  • How many lifts are needed each day?
  • How long does the lifting take?
  • How many helpers are needed?
  • Should the lifting module always be available?
  • Should the lifting module be available in every room?

Tell us what you need and what you would like in a ceiling hoist system - Guldmann can deliver the exact solution to suit your particular needs.

Room-covering or single-rail
– or a combination of both?

A well-designed rail system is one of the most important considerations
when you are looking for an effective, stable and safe lifting solution.


Room-covering system

In rooms where a lot of lifting takes place, the most appropriate solution is often a room-covering system consisting of two parallel rails and a traverse rail on which the hoist is mounted.

Such a setup provides complete freedom of movement along with great flexibility in the actual lifting situation, and the room can be laid out exactly as you wish.

Single-rail system

A single rail system is ideal for moving people over longer distances, where there isn’t the same requirement for flexibility, such as in building corridors, riding schools or swimming pools.

A single-rail system can also be used in the same room and situations as the room-covering system – but please note that the layout within the room can be limited by where the rail is located.

Combination system 
- Two systems combined with Combi-lock

You can combine full room coverage and single rail systems in adjoining spaces, using a Guldmann Combi-lock. A safety lock is placed on the traverse rail in the room-covering system, so the lifting unit cannot run off the rail.

A Combi-lock is also placed on the rail from the single track. This locks the traverse rail to the single rail and simultaneously releases the safety lock. The hoist can then easily run from one system to another.

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