Cases overview

A patient report

Neurorehabilitation with Trainer module for Covid-19 patient with left-sided hemiplegia

Previously fit and healthy Covid-19 patient was admitted to the Intermediate Neuro Rehabilitation Unit (INRU) for specialist neurorehabilitation a few months after falling ill and requiring intubation in the ICU. The INRU provides rehabilitation for people with complex neurological conditions. In this instance, the patient presented with left-sided hemiplegia, generalized weakness and severe deconditioning.

The rehabilitation goal was to increase activity in his left side, improve overall strength and exercise tolerance, and become as independent as possible during transfers.

Using the Trainer module the patient progressed to being able to complete transfers with minimal assistance of one therapist, reduced breathlessness and fatigue during therapy sessions. He was able to access movements and positions that he otherwise would not have been able to manage. This improved his mood and overall well-being. As the patient required less support, the therapists also discovered they were able to be more specific with their handling.

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