Cases overview

Marienlund Care Centre

Innovative inclusive care centre planning via know-how sharing and user involvement

At the Marienlund Care Centre, all the living quarters are equipped with ceiling lifts in the form of a continuous room-covering rail system between the sleeping area and the bathroom for optimal lifting and relocation of the residents on a daily basis.

The Marienlund Care Centre represents significant new thinking about ways to ensure maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness in implementing new care centre design. The apartments in the new centre have been specially configured to meet the changing needs of its future residents.

The apartments are easy to adapt to new requirements, regardless of whether residents suffer from dementia, obesity or other problems and therefore require specialist care, or are relatively healthy and self-sufficient.

These are all conditions that can (and will) change over time … so the Marienlund Care Centre was designed to change with them.

Guldmann was closely involved in planning the overall layout and structure of the Marienlund facility because the effective integration of effective-as-well-as-flexible lifting and moving capabilities was central to the overall success of the project.

As a result, all the apartments and many other rooms, group areas and specialist facilities at the Marienlund Care Centre are fitted with Guldmann ceiling hoists as part of the basic structure –built in from the beginning, and always available as and when needed.

“Having the Guldmann ceiling lift system installed just about everywhere has given us a much more efficient way of working and a good working environment with big benefits for ergonomics, and health and safety.”


- Jette Laumann, head of section for all the care centres in Silkeborg Municipality

Planning a new assisted living care centre is a major endeavour that usually requires careful consideration, effective planning and the coordinated application of multiple skill sets from many different suppliers.

Guldmann is often closely involved in such planning and configuration decisions. It isn’t just about selecting the most appropriate equipment and applying Guldmann know-how and technical expertise to make sure it works appropriately. It’s also about how everyone involved in such equipment decisions – and those affected by them – can contribute as much as possible and benefit as much as possible.

The aim is to ensure innovative, budget-compliant solutions that meet a broad spectrum of needs. Adaptability and flexible capabilities are the keys to cost-effective care centre planning, design and operations for the future.

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