Cases overview

Gondola station at
Chemnitz Schlossteich
with accessible boat access

The park surrounding the Schlossteich (“Castle Lake”) in the city of Chemnitz is a popular recreation space.

Every day, between March and October, Falko Hirsch rents out pedal boats and rowing boats at the “Gondola station Schlossteich”, and also offers lake cruises on the electrically powered “Schlossteichperle”.

Today, there are almost 30 rowing boats and 19 pedal boats available for leisure activities at this very spot, including three magnificent swans and a flamingo.

It is much easier and safer with the Swing Lift

Hirsch not only invests regularly in his equipment but has also purchased a Guldmann Swing Lift, a rail system made of a weatherproof and waterproof material, to make his boats accessible.

As the name suggests, the lift features a swinging arm. The advantage of this is obvious: a wheelchair user can be moved onto the boat using the sling and lifting module while still on the mooring, i.e. a solid surface. The wheelchair can then be taken on board unoccupied.

“Previously, my employees and I would help people with reduced mobility into the boats using our own muscle power.
This is now much easier and safer to do with the Guldmann Swing Lift.”

Swing Lift

- a rail system made of a weatherproof and waterproof material

It is designed for use in harbour settings and next to indoor and outdoor swimming pools, where the intention is to provide disabled users with new opportunities to enjoy water sports and other water-based activities. 

Technical Details
Max. lifting capacity 205 kg
Max. radius 2500 mm


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