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Guldmann doesn’t just provide you with equipment that makes your job easier. You also get a complete solution designed to match your current needs as well as being well-aligned with the functional requirements of tomorrow – consistently focused on providing more time for the actual care assignments at the heart of your operations.

We are specialists in creating more “time to care” in conjunction with lifting and moving requirements across the full spectrum of healthcare environments.

Guldmann solutions are much more than just effective, non-strenuous ways to lift and move people from A to B. 

Our products are designed to be combined, varied and used in a wide range of different ways, paving the way to uniquely effective solutions for tackling virtually all lifting and moving needs. This makes Guldmann solutions a dependable, durable and financially advantageous investment.

Our highly skilled project management department is always ready to help with any advice and guidance you may need throughout the process. After the installation, a team of specialists is ready to provide support, training, and service to make sure you, your staff and your colleagues all continue reaping the full benefits of your Guldmann solution long after our technicians have left the building.

Know-how sharing and user involvement
Guldmann know-how isn’t just about equipment. It’s also about how everyone involved in equipment decisions – and those affected by them – can contribute as much as possible and benefit as much as possible.

We encourage decision-makers, influencers and customers to consult and involve users, and to evaluate and plan together around “time to care”. We help with “testing before deciding”, to ensure innovative, budget-compliant solutions that meet user needs – both right now and as these change.

Unique solutions
for today and tomorrow

  • Analysis, insight and dialog build better solutions

    Thorough combining practical know-how about exactly what’s needed and our extensive experience on how best to meet such needs, provides the best possible lifting and moving solutions.

  • Constant innovation ensures a better future

    We’re always working on developing and improving Guldmann products to make them even better, and to ensure the best possible quality combined with maximum compatibility. That’s why a Guldmann solution can always be upgraded or reconfigured to meet new requirements and new regulatory standards.

  • Widest range of products on the market

    The comprehensiveness of the Guldmann product ranges means we’re able to help customers configure unique solutions that are the ideal unique solution to tackle their specific challenges.

  • Many years of experience provide exceptional know-how and capabilities

    We have the experience and know-how essential for advising and guiding you through the whole decision-making, configuration, acquisition and installation process, so you’re always sure of having the solution best suited to your exact needs.

  • Durable and reliable

    Guldmann solutions are designed to work with an absolute minimum of “downtime” and to last for many years, with very little need for part replacements or maintenance.

Guldmann Ceiling Lift

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Service you can rely on

  • Authorized installers ensure high quality

    All assembly, installation and subsequent service are carried out by Guldmann certified technicians, providing you with a level of service unmatched elsewhere.

  • Help from experts

    Guldmann specialists and experts are always ready to help and answer any questions you may have, either technical questions or any inquiries about the best ways to use Guldmann products in practice.

  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) available anywhere

    Guldmann solutions are designed by professionals for professionals so that they last longer, and keep your service and repair costs to a minimum – both now and over the long term.

  • Sustainability and responsibility

    At Guldmann, we’re very conscious of our responsibilities to society and the environment, an awareness that plays a key role at every level in our relationships with our customers and our surroundings.

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Benefit from your solution in full

  • Make best use of all the possibilities

    Our work doesn’t end once installation is complete. We also provide ongoing courses and training to make sure you and your staff get maximum benefit from your investment.

  • The best for the users

    Guldmann installations are always ready for use. They’re designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and so they can be used in a wide variety of different ways, to give both staff and users the best help available.

  • Know-how builds improvements

    Unique Guldmann software provides you with valuable data about how your Guldmann products get used in practice, and the loads they have to lift. This information helps you continuously analyze and optimize your processes.

  • Can be used for more

    We’ve been refining Guldmann solutions for many years, so you can use them for a multitude of different – and changing – tasks that make moving, treatment and rehabilitation work easier.

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