Ceiling Lift Systems

  • Transfer Treatment Training

    Transfer Treatment Training

  • GH3+ Lifting module - Intro and Basic Use


  • Guldmann Slings

  • Sling instruction - The Z-method

    The Z-method instruction video - Use the Z-method to apply a lifting sling in bed

Disposable Slings

  • Disposable Micro Plus - Sling on-off in wheelchair

  • Disposable High - Sling on/off in bed

Mobile Lifters

  • GL5.2 Mobile lifter - Lifting from and to wheelchair

  • GL5.2 Mobile lifter - Lifting from bed to wheelchair


  • Free-standing room covering rail system - How to install - Easy, Practical, Safe

  • Positioning lock – Intro and basic use

Lifting Accessories

  • Digital scale - How to mount with Quick connection

  • Digital scale - How to use the scale

Work Process Optimization

  • Working process: Turning a patient on the OR table manually vs using a ceiling hoist

  • Working process: External digital scale vs Integrated digital scale


  • Rehabilitation at van Huijkelom Physiotherapy

  • Activities of Daily Living in the kitchen

Early mobilisation

  • Early mobilisation - the first steps

    Early Mobilization - The First Steps

  • Early mobilisation _ to bedside

    Early Mobilization - To The Bedside

Intensive Care

  • Positioning sling w multi support

    Positioning sling and Multi Support - for proning a patient

  • Repositioning Slings and Smart Glide for proning in bed

    Repositioning Slings and Smart Glide for proning in bed

Bariatric Care

  • Solutions for Bariatric care

    Bariatric Care Solutions

  • Bariatric Active Trainer

    Gait Trainer Bariatric sling - Ambulation with and without walker

Long Term Care

  • Ceiling lift system assisted lifting, as a part of the rehabilitation program, can be used at all mobility levels, and paves the way for flexible, closely targeted training adapted to suit the functional capabilities of the individual user.

    Marienlund Care centre DK

  • Long term care - Safe gait training with ceiling lift and Active Trainer Vest

    Safe gait training with Active Trainer sling and ceiling hoist

Pediatric Care

  • Pediatric walking sling for children: Active Vest Kids US

    Active Vest Kids instruction video - Examples of exercises with Active Vest Kids

  • Walking sling for children - Active Vest Kids

    Active Vest Kids instruction video - How to put the Active Vest on the child / take the Active Vest off the child

Operating Room

  • OR - Turning to lateral position

  • OR - Turning to lateral position and lift of upper body

General Hygiene Tasks

  • Hygiene - Basic Basic to toilet

    Using the Basic Basic sling for toilet visit

  • Hygiene - Lifting an arm

    Lifting an arm for hygiene purposes


  • Maskiningeniørstuderende i praktik hos Guldmann - Sebastian

Other videos

  • Veterinary hospital - Using GH1 ceiling hoist

  • Patient Story Emilee

    Patient Story: Emilee

  • Non Scandalous Restroom Trip and Transfer with Guldmann Room Spanning Ceiling Lift and Sling

    Restroom Trip and Transfer - EmShan VLOG

  • An Inside Look at Penn Medicine’s Level I Trauma Center

  • Chromotherapy with GHZ

  • CareWare 2017: Stine Steensgaard, physiotherapist, V. Guldmann A/S

  • "Fantastic 2017 employer": Sana: "We need you!”

  • Medical Technology helps Marianne, Sus and Ejvind in their home

  • Guldmann GH3 Hoist on BBC The One Show

  • The Future of elderly care

    The future of elderly care

  • You Raise Me up

    You Raise Me Up on CML - SICU Safety

  • The Nursing Home of the Future, Aalborg, Denmark

  • Changing Places - Changing Concepts

    Changing Places across Victoria

  • Guldmann Inc. supported the lab by providing ceiling lift systems for safe patient handling that will play a key role in the lab’s operations.

    Smart Health Innovation Lab Grand Opening

  • Guldmann Cup

    US Para Sailing Team Interview 18-09-2018

  • Guldmann Cup

    US Para Sailing Team Dee Smith Bronze Medalist Interview

  • Guldmann Cup

    US Para Sailing Team Dee Smith Interview

  • Guldmann Cup

    US Para Sailing Team Coach Marek Interview

  • Guldmann Cup

    US Para Sailing Team Interview

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