• The Z-method instruction video - Use the Z-method to apply a lifting sling in bed
  • Applying a sling in a wheelchair using slide sheets


  • Positioning Lock - Exercises
    Rehabilitation exercise - Positioning lock exercises
  • Positioning lock - real patients

Operating Room

  • Driving in patient to the Operating theatre (OR)
  • Preparation of the OR slings for prone positioning

General Hygiene Tasks

  • Using the Basic Basic sling for toilet visit
  • Lifting an arm for hygiene purposes

Intensive Care

  • ICU Horizontal Sling disposable
    Horizontal lifting support lifting with horizontal sling
  • ICU Horizontal Sling disposable
    Horizontal lifter foldable lifting straps

Long Term Care

  • Marienlund Care centre DK
  • Long term care - Safe gait training with ceiling lift and Active Trainer Vest
    Safe gait training with Active Trainer sling and ceiling hoist

Bariatric Care

  • Solutions for Bariatric care
    Bariatric Care Solutions
  • Gait Trainer Bariatric sling - Ambulation with and without walker

Ceiling Lift Systems

  • Transfer Treatment Training
  • GHZ Lifting Module – discreet and almost invisible
  • CareLift Management Online
    CareLift Management - Online
  • All GH1 lifting modules are user-friendly, powerful and fast; they are designed for permanent/semi-permanent installation in ceiling- or wall-mounted rails.
  • GH1 F - the lift automatically installs
    GH1 F - Installation of the lift
  • GH3+ Ceiling lift - Very high lifting capacity of up to 825 lbs


  • Rail Crossing Module
  • Combi-lock

Mobile Lifters

  • GL5 - Mobile Lifter - Lifting from bed to wheelchair
    GL5 - Lifting from bed to wheelchair
  • GL5 - Mobile Lifter
    GL5 - Mobile Lifter - Lifting from wheelchair

Lifting Accessories

  • Horizontal Lifting Support - GH3 Twin
    Horizontal Lifting Support - GH3 Twin
  • How to mount the digital scale - Quick connect

Other videos

  • An Inside Look at Penn Medicine’s Level I Trauma Center
  • Chromotherapy with GHZ

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