OR sling

OR Sling - Upper body

  1. Suitable for lifting the patient’s upper body in a horizontal position

  2. Lifting capacity up to 255 kg/560 lbs

  3. Suitable for moving the patient onto and lifting them from the operating table

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Horizontal sling – for lifting the patient from and moving them onto the operating table

The OR sling is used in combination with the Guldmann Cross Hanger (400 kg/880 lbs) to move the patient’s upper body onto the operating table or to lift it from the operating table in a horizontal position.

The length and design of the sling make it very useful for operative procedures on the lower regions of the patient’s body, such as gynaecological procedures.

The OR sling is used with six lifting straps with snap hooks. The lifting straps with snap hooks can be reused for several OR slings, regardless of size. The lifting straps can easily be removed from the sling to prevent them from getting in the way before and after moving the patient.

Using the OR sling in combination with the ceiling hoist prevents friction and patient skin and tissue shear. The OR sling also prevents unnecessary strain on staff and increases patient safety.

Enabling lifting and moving between the operating table and the stretcher/bed to be performed by two persons only, at a steady and controlled pace.

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Product Number Size Material
284851 M Polyester
284861 L Polyester
284801 Lifting straps incl. snap hooks Polyester
Transfer Treatment Training

Transfer Treatment Training

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Using the appropriate sling is essential for efficient transfers to ensure comfort, dignity, and safety for the user and the care provider. The type of lifting sling have a major influence on the quality of the movement of the individual user Get help to choose the correct sling using our Sling Guide:

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