GLS5.2 Active lifter

  1. Easy and intuitive to use

  2. Lifting capacity up to 205 kg/450 lbs

  3. Strong, stable and safe


Standing Lifter – safe and simple to operate

The GLS5.2 Active lifter is a mobile standing lifter designed to facilitate day-to-day routines for user and carer alike. The GLS5.2 model is designed to lift the user from a seated to a standing position and is also useful for frequent everyday moves back and forth between bed, chair and bathroom. This active lifter thus provides a safe, simple and comfortable way to lift and support users with some or full control of their upper body.

The GLS5.2 Active lifter is simple and intuitive to operate, and designed to be strong, stable and safe. The standing lifter simplifies a great many lifting and moving operations for user and carer alike and makes a significant contribution to preventing back pain and other strain injuries among care staff. The lifter design features ergonomic push handles for carers of any height, as well as a bottom section to push with your foot so as to improve manoeuvrability.

The adjustable knee support is padded to optimize comfort for the user. The footrest is removable and easy to clean, which helps maintain a high level of hygiene.

Two different slings can be used with the GLS5.2 Active lifter:

  • The GLS5.2 Standing sling
  • The GLS5.2 Hip support sling
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