Training kit for positioning lock

Training kit for Positioning lock

  1. Faster rehabilitation and (re)training – in and around the bed

  2. Enables users to exercise and train on their own

  3. Individually adapted strength and endurance training


Training Pack for the Positioning lock – create a fitness center above the bed

Fitting the elastic training bands from the training pack to a GH3 or GH3+ ceiling lift locked in position using the Positioning lock gives patients the opportunity to train their arms, shoulders and legs while lying in bed. The combination of the ceiling lift and the elastic training bands makes it possible to set up a kind of fitness center in the patient’s room.

Different bands can be selected to put together customized workouts including both strength and endurance exercises for upper and lower body. It is also possible to use the equipment for supportive training, lifting the pelvis in the bed or supporting the upper body during stomach exercises.

Maintaining the patient’s functional capabilities during a period of hospitalization will help minimize different risks typically associated with long-term bed rest. It will also help the staff because patients are better able to help themselves, which reduces the amount of care they require.

Moreover, basing the training on the ceiling lift suspended above the bed enables patients to exercise and train on their own.

The Training kit contains:

  • Box with 30 m/100 ft training tube: orange (light)
  • Box with 30 m/100 ft training tube: lime green (medium)
  • Box with 30 m/100 ft training tube: plum (hard)
  • 2 hand grips for training tube
  • 1 snap hook
  • 2 connecting straps
  • 2 elastic lines: blue (light) and black (hard)
  • 1 Multi Support sling
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