Marking Clips

Marking clips

  1. Help to optimize work routines

  2. Designed to ensure consistent use of the sling

  3. Increased patient safety


Marking Clips – for improved communication

When different staff works with the same user or patient at different times, they may not always utilize the same sling in the same way. Marking Clips can be used to indicate which of the colored sling straps should be chosen for a given lift.

This improves communication between the different staff – and their counterparts on different shifts – who work with the patient. Using the clips helps eliminate doubts about which straps to use. Marking Clips improve user-friendliness and boost the efficiency of work routines while ensuring standardized, consistent utilization of the sling – no matter which staff may be on duty. This translates into greater safety for the user/patient and increased confidence for the staff.

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