The H-hanger for Guldmann ceiling hoists is designed to provide a greater distance between the back straps and leg straps on the hanger.


  1. Ideal for lifting and moving patients with special needs

  2. Lifting capacity up to 375 kg/825 lbs

  3. Designed for maximum functionality and versatility


H-shaped hanger – versatile lifting hanger for special needs

The H-hanger is designed to provide a greater distance between the back straps and leg straps on the hanger. The H hanger is used in conjunction with the Guldmann swing kit adapter and can be used with all sizes of the Guldmann Lifting hanger. It is also suitable for use with all Guldmann ceiling lifts and GL5 Mobile lifters.

The H-hanger is a very versatile solution that can be customized for virtually all patients and used for a lot of different lifting situations and needs. It is suitable for lifting people with an enlarged pannus, or who need to open the angle in the hip as a result of postoperative pain in the chest or abdominal region, or post-operative restraints on hip movement. Supplementing this with extension straps can make the hip angle of the patient open still further, which can be beneficial in several situations.

The H-hanger can also be used for recumbent transfers using a Guldmann repositioning sling, as when a change of bed linen is required (for example).

The three hangers are easy to connect and separate. They weigh less than 2 kg/5 lbs each, making them easy to handle, transport and store. If required, they can be stored on the specially designed holder for the lifting hanger. The combination of three hangers means they easily adapt to the center of gravity in any specific lifting and moving situation.

The H-hanger features a modern, functional design with soft, unbroken surfaces that make it easy to handle and clean.

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Repositioning sling - with H-hanger

Repositioning sling - Using the sling with the H-hanger

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