The Cross hanger is used when there is a need for an open lift, featuring a greater distance between the back straps and leg straps of the hanger.

Cross hanger 1,100 lbs

  1. Lift and move very heavy, bariatric patients

  2. Lifting capacity up to 500 kg/1,100 lbs

  3. Functional design


Cross hanger for safe lifting of heavy bariatric patients

The Cross hanger is used when a very large distance between the back and leg straps of the rack is required, and is therefore primarily for lifting and moving very obese bariatric patients.

The Cross hanger is compatible with the Guldmann GH3+ and GH3 Twin ceiling lifts combined with a connection bar and all the Guldmann bariatric lifting slings.

To get even more flexibility in the patient’s position in the sling, the advantages available from a range of sling straps can be utilized. These can be supplemented with extension straps, for example – to open the hip angle of the patient still further.

The Cross hanger has four suspension points, weighs 8.8 kg/19 lbs and is made of stainless steel, powder coated in white.

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