Horisontal Lifter, Foldable, 2 strap version

  1. Stable, flat lifting

  2. Lifting capacity up to 255 kg/560 lbs

  3. Can be telescoped together


Horizontal lifting and moving with Horizontal Lifter

This Horizontal Lifter, fitted with two straps, is used for lifting and moving patients horizontally using a ceiling lift system, and can be telescoped to shorten the lenght for easy storage.

These horizontal lifter devices are used in situations in which there is a need for a stable, flat lift while keeping the patient horizontal. The position chosen can either be completely horizontal or can be adjusted to the angle that best suits any particular move.

The Horizontal lifter is fully compatible with the Guldmann GH3 Twin ceiling lift and it is easy to control the center of gravity of the lift via the lifting motor’s hand control unit.

The lifter can be used with a lifting sheet or with separate lifting straps. When attaching the lifting sheet or lifting straps there are locking devices on both sides of the Horizontal Lifter. These are easy to use and self-locking, to secure the straps and make subsequent adjustment easy.

The smart telescopic arms make it easy to store the collapsible lifter in a conveniently smaller format when not needed. It can be stored in a wall-mounted bracket that folds the telescopic arms together or alternatively on a special trolley for transport and storage.

The Horizontal lifter can be attached to the ceiling lift directly from the wall or from the transport trolley. When the horizontal lifter is lowered into the trolley, it telescopes automatically. The lifter does not take up much space on the trolley, and can easily be moved and pushed from room to room. A single Horizontal lifter can meet the horizontal lifting and moving requirements in multiple rooms.

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