Bath Chair

  1. Resistant to salts and chlorine

  2. Lifting capacity up to 255 kg/560 lbs

  3. For lifting into and out of water in sitting position


Bath chair for bathing environments – maximum safety

This Bath chair is used for stable, seated lifts in locations such as swimming pools. The Bath chair makes work procedures easier for the carer and provides maximum safety when lifting and moving people into and out of the pools and basins. When the bath chair is used with a ceiling lift, carers are able to carry out the required lifting procedures in an ergonomically correct manner, so that heavy manual lifting is avoided.

The chair has removable swivel armrests that make it easy and safe for any helper to get good access and for moving the user to another seat. For best possible comfort, there are footrests on the chair to relieve the weight of the user’s legs. The footrests ensure that the user’s legs are well placed throughout the move.

The Bath chair is fitted with brakes on the two rear wheels so that it does not move when the user is moved between the Bath chair and a wheelchair, for example. The user is also held in place with seat belts throughout the move into and out of the water.

The Bath chair is made of materials that are highly resistant to salts and chlorine. Regular cleaning is the only maintenance required

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