Free-standing room covering rail system,  simple, practical and safe

Free-standing rail system, room covering

  1. Simple to put up and take down

  2. Height adjustable

  3. Ideal for temporary lifting needs


Free-standing room covering rail system,  simple, practical and safe

The free-standing rail system is a mobile system that covers the entire room. It is simple to put up, take down and transfer from one location to another. The system is made of lightweight aluminum and available in two standard sizes: 3 x 3 meters and 4 x 4 meters. It has a lifting capacity of up to 350 kg/770 lbs and its height is fully adjustable up to 284 cm/110 inches.

Guldmann GH1 lifting modules can be used in this full-room solution. 

The system requires no structural changes to the building or room, nor is it permanently fixed to walls or ceilings. This makes it ideal for handling temporary lifting needs – in private homes, for example – where it is necessary to lift, move and care for a patient or other user during a limited period. The free-standing rail system takes up little floor space and therefore leaves plenty of room for both user and carer. 

The system provides care staff with a safe working environment, as well as good coverage in bedrooms, for example, where patients/users often have to be moved regularly to and from a wheelchair, or repositioned for a variety of care and treatment procedures in the bed.

The rail system can easily be put up by just one or two people, with no need for specialist tools. As a result, it is ideal for subsequent reuse elsewhere.


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Free-standing room covering rail system - How to install - Easy, Practical, Safe

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