Rails can be installed on walls, ceilings and floor-mounted brackets – or using any combination of these

ABC Rails

  1. Quick and easy to install

  2. Option to have the rails charge the lifting motor automatically

  3. Mix and match to produce a solution to suit any need


ABC rails – safe and stable

There are three types of rails – A, B, and C. The three different versions have been optimized to bearing capacity and reach, and they can all be installed quickly and easily. The rails can be installed on walls, ceilings, and floor-mounted brackets – or using any combination of these. Depending on the rail profile chosen and the load for which the system has been configured, the system can feature unsupported spans of up to 8 meters. This means that installing the rails need not affect the layout of the room, and in most cases, it will be possible to position furniture wherever you like.

The rails are available with special liners for charging the lifting module (GH3) automatically, regardless of where the module is placed in the rail system.

Guldmann rail systems are designed to allow the lifting module to be moved silently and with a minimum of friction so that it can be repositioned with a minimum of effort.
A-rails are often the best choice for single rail systems, as the curves (30°, 45°, 60°, and 90°), switch tracks and turntables are the same height as the rails themselves.
The modular design of the rails makes it possible to alter and expand the rail systems as required.

All ABC rails are made of anodized aluminum, which is extremely resistant to corrosion. The rails are therefore ideal for use in wet rooms and humid environments.
A Rail top cover is available. The cover makes it possible to close the gap (25 – 55 mm) between the top of the rail and the ceiling. No gap means less risk of dust on top of the rail and makes it easier to clean thus improving the level of hygiene.
The ABC rails are also available in white (RAL 9016).

A+, B+, and C+ rails
In rooms with suspended ceilings, it can be a good idea to integrate the rails into the ceiling itself. That way, only the underside of the rail is visible.
For projects with suspended ceilings, we can provide A+, B+, and C+ rails (including curved rails). The +rails have an integrated ceiling profile that is designed for suspended ceilings. The +rails are ordered specifically for each project. Available in both anodized aluminum and powder-coated white.

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