Trainer module for ceiling lift  - dynamic weight relief

Trainer Module for GH3+

  1. Dynamic weight relief up to 100 kg

  2. Hands-free to focus on training quality

  3. Integrated into a GH3+ ceiling hoist


Improve mobility and physical function through training with dynamic body weight support

The Trainer Module adds another option to the many application possibilities that the Guldmann GH3+ ceiling hoist offers besides lifting up and down. The Trainer Module is integrated into a GH3+ and provides weight relief for physically challenged patients.

A GH3+ hoist equipped with the Trainer Module is not only a perfect lifting and transferring solution, but it also provides the possibility to improve patient mobility and physical function through safe and assisted rehabilitation exercises. This supports early mobilization and training opportunities.

With the Trainer Module, it is possible to start rehabilitation with dynamic weight relief already in the patient’s room. Typical rehab exercises with dynamic weight relief in the Trainer Module could be: Gait training, balance, sit-to-stand, squat exercises, steps on/over obstacles etc.

In Trainer Module mode the GH3+ will dynamically unload the patient’s body weight with up to 100 kg. The caregiver selects the amount of weight needed to be unloaded for the patient and the Trainer module will do the rest. The caregiver can focus on the patient and the quality of the exercise/activity.

The Trainer Module is initiated, controlled and monitored through the digital hand control. Level of weight relief and training time left are displayed on the screen while the Trainer Module is activated.

The Trainer Module has a capacity of up to 30 minutes use when the hoist battery is fully charged. Capacity will be reduced if the hoist has been in normal use before initiation of training. After 30 minutes of training, the Trainer module will automatically switch from training to transfer mode. In transfer mode the GH3+ is immediately ready for lifting and moving and charging will automatically continue as normal. 1 hour of charging = 10 minutes of training time.

The Trainer Module can only run on GH3+ hoists with a Scale Module. The Scale Module functions as a normal Scale Module when not used in cooperation with the Trainer Module.

Use with the Gait Trainer sling for improved support of the torso and thighs.

Patent pending.

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