Cases overview

A patient report

Enhanced rehabilitation results using dynamic bodyweight support

A self-employed shop owner and father of four presenting with significant quadriplegia was admitted to the Intermediate Neuro Rehabilitation Unit (INRU) several months after his injury.

The INRU provides rehabilitation for people with complex neurological conditions. In this case, the goal was to optimise his physical function and independence since he had significant core instability and weakness.

The patient was easily fatigued and had a hard time completing transfers and exercises without the assistance of one, two or even three helpers in some instances.

The therapists introduced and explored the Guldmann Trainer module with dynamic bodyweight support for the rehabilitation process. The Trainer module provided them with the opportunity to explore certain rehabilitation activities sooner. Ranging from simple bed based activities to functional movements such as transfers, sit-to-stand and standing exercises and gait training. The patient was able to participate in rehabilitation that was more intensive because the
sessions were less limited by fatigue.

The Trainer module also reduced the physical demands of the therapists involved, meaning they were able to be more specific with therapeutic intervention and handling.

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