Guldmann 2022 donations:

Saint Pierre Foundation


One of Guldmann France's 2022 donations was allocated to the Saint-Pierre foundation. This recognized public utility foundation is a major player in health and child protection.

By capitalizing on one hundred years of experience and continuous innovation of the Institute Saint-Pierre, the leading pediatric hospital for follow-up care and rehabilitation in France, the foundation helps tens of thousands of sick and disabled infants, children and adolescents each year.
In addition to its historic action to help children and adolescents in difficulty, it is able to carry out research and innovation projects, carry out prevention and awareness-raising actions on the major causes of childhood and support helpers.

The Guldmann France team also took part in the 24h Saint Pierre connected challenge. Much more than a sporting, festive and charitable challenge, this event is the testimony of support for the fight led on a daily basis by these children and their families.

For its fifth edition, the 24h Saint Pierre succeeded in mobilizing more than 2,677 donors and collecting €435,415!

What are Guldmann 2022 Donations?

Our mission is to ensure More Time to Care. Now we take our mission one step further.
Guldmann has done very well in recent years and not least in the financial year 20/21.
Extraordinarily, we have decided to donate a part of our profit to help others.
This has resulted in multiple donations to specific organizations around the globe in the spring of 2022.
We are proud to be able to lend them a helping hand and support their cause.

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