Size measuring tape

A safe patient transfer starts with the right sling size, but choosing the correct size of sling can often be a time-consuming task as a caregiver.

In order to meet this challenge, we have taken the “Guideline on choosing the size of a sling” from our catalogue and applied the dimensions and sling sizes on a measuring tape. The measuring tape is double-sided and measures either width or height.

The new Guldmann Size measuring tape allows easy accessible and accurate sling size selection. It is intended to ease the choice of sling size for care staff working with our slings every day.

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Measuring Tape for choosing sling size

Are you in doubt about which type of sling to choose?

Using the correct sling is essential for efficient transfers to ensure comfort, dignity, and safety for the user and the care provider. The type of lifting sling has a major influence on the quality of the handling of the individual user

You can find help choosing the correct sling in our Sling Guide:

Sling Guide - Choose the correct lifting sling

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