Combining welfare technologies for better patient rehabilitation

MediMoov has partnered with ARPAVIE, a French nursing home group, to make a scientific study about how to enhance geriatric rehabilitation and improve the rehabilitation experience for elderly residents.

MediMoov has created a rehabilitation tool that combines a camera to capture movements with video games that promote physical activity. This approach has been proven to be effective and engaging, with over 10,000 players benefiting from its diverse re-education and motor skills maintenance capabilities across 136 establishments.

To improve patient safety during occupational therapy, the MediMoov tool was used in conjunction with a Guldmann ceiling hoist and Trainer Module.

The Trainer Module is a part of the GH3+ ceiling hoist and is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for lifting and dynamic weight relief during rehabilitation. It is specifically intended to facilitate gait training, improve balance, and enable sit-to-stand exercises, thereby providing a holistic approach to rehab. 

The therapist has full control over the amount of dynamic weight relief using the digital hand control, making the training exercises adaptable to the patient's needs.

The combination of the Trainer Module and Medimoov provides an effective and safe rehabilitation process for both patients and staff. There is no risk of falling, and patients benefit greatly from the weight relief provided by the Trainer Module. As a result, the user experiences both functional and emotional improvements, leading to positive outcomes. By incorporating two different technologies, it is possible to deliver personalized rehabilitation programs tailored to the unique needs of each user. This example demonstrates how combining different welfare technologies can improve patient outcomes and transform care for patients.

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