Guldmann 2022 donations:

Children’s Hospital in Parma


Guldmann Srl. in Italy has donated a new LED light source to improve the scope (a flexible tube with a camera and light at the tip) for minimally invasive endoscopic surgery at the Pediatric Surgery department of the Children's Hospital in Parma.

The new LED light has a diameter of 3 mm in contrast to the previous 5 mm. This reduction makes it possible to operate on younger and smaller patients than before, in a safer way. The light is also lent out to other departments, including Neurology.

The donation was delivered to the director of the Maternity and Child Department, Gian Luigi de' Angelis, and to the director of Pediatric Surgery, Emilio Casolari, flanked by Surgeon Giovanni Casadio, Nurse Coordinator Angela Scalogna and the director of Pediatric Oncohematology, Patrizia Bertolini, who was the intermediary for the donation.

When thanking for the donation Emilio Casolari explained:
"Minimally invasive techniques allow us to operate on increasingly younger patients in age and weight. Our structure is today at the forefront for the number and variety of procedures that are offered with such techniques.

With the updating of the light source thanks to this donation we will be able to offer even better quality and therefore a better service in terms of safety and surgical precision to our little patients".

Giovanni Casadio added to this:
"Currently a fifth of the interventions performed in our structure are performed with these techniques that make use of the laparoscopic scope. In particular, the minimally invasive techniques applied for surgical oncological therapy that allow better surgical precision, a reduction in post-operative pain and early discharge for small patients".

Guldmann Srl. CEO, Lars Bendtson, explains about the donation:
"We wanted to give a tangible signal of gratitude and appreciation for the fundamental work done every day by all the operators of the Public Health System".

Guldmann Srl. commercial director, Giacomo Marezzi, adds to this:
"And in particular it seemed important to us to make this gesture towards the Hospital of Parma because, despite our international role, the Italian Guldmann was born and developed in Parma, and we know how precious the work that is done by the Children's Hospital is".

donazione lampada laparoscopica

What are Guldmann 2022 Donations?

Our mission is to ensure More Time to Care. Now we take our mission one step further.
Guldmann has done very well in recent years and not least in the financial year 20/21.
Extraordinarily, we have decided to donate a part of our profit to help others.
This has resulted in multiple donations to specific organizations around the globe in the spring of 2022.
We are proud to be able to lend them a helping hand and support their cause.

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