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Use of the Twin Turner for therapy and rehabilitation 

Therapeutic use of the Twin Turner provides therapists with the ability to select an individually adapted starting position for a patient who must train to regain their rolling ability. An adapted starting position allows for repeat practice of a rolling movement and the task can be advanced in difficulty when the therapist decides, by modifying the starting position and then letting the patient finish the last part of the movement him/herself.

Rolling movements and the ability to turn in bed is of great importance. Being able to roll onto one’s side is a necessary step in being able to push oneself up to a sitting position. A patient who can turn him or herself in bed will need fewer resources when performing hygiene tasks. The better a patient’s bed mobility is and the more independent he or she is in rolling and turning, the less physical assistance of staff is needed.

As seen in the video below the Twin Turner can be used to train selected aspects of turning and rolling movement until the patient is able to do the entire turn him or herself.

Twin Turner - Training

Twin Turner - Training

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