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Security and reassurance with a positioning pillow during turning

Use the Twin Turner sling for the turning of a patient to give safety and security and ensure a good lying position.

There are several advantages to gain from using a positioning pillow when turning a patient with the Twin Turner:

Patients with dementia and patients that feel unsafe can be outwardly responsive, harmful or violent to the staff. Hugging a pillow can give them a great sense of security and their hands will be occupied with holding the pillow instead of potentially harming themselves or staff.

While hugging a pillow the patient’s lower shoulder will more easily find the correct position to ensure that the top arm will move forward and stabilize the side-lying position.
Since the Twin Turner supports the patient in a comfortable side-lying position, it is less likely that he/she will roll backward. It will be easier to keep the patient lying on their side while performing hygiene tasks. Elevating the top leg on a pillow while in side-lying position is a good way to provide more access to perform hygiene tasks.

See in the video below how you can provide safety and security during a turn with a ceiling hoist, the Twin Turner and a positioning pillow.

Twin Turner - Positioning Pillow

Twin Turner - Positioning Pillow

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