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Install an exercise machine over the bed with a ceiling-mounted lift

Hospitalization often entails periods of bed rest lasting many hours a day. The consequences of physical inactivity and immobility for bed-bound patients are significant.

Such consequences include muscle atrophy, reduced physical condition, increased risk of bed sores, venous thrombosis, and blood clots, to name a few. Older patients in particular also face a risk of impaired balance.

Older patients are at a high risk of suffering reduced functional abilities as a result of physical inactivity during hospitalization, which can, in turn, result in reduced quality of life.

Maintaining the patient's functional abilities will significantly minimise the various risks as well as benefit the personnel, as the patient becomes more self-sufficient and the workload is lightened.

But how can you activate and train weakened and bed-bound hospital patients?

Most hospitals lack the necessary equipment and solutions, particularly during hours when the physical therapist is not present.

By combining two familiar products – a ceiling-mounted lift and an elastic training band – and using the new Positioning lock from Guldmann, it is now possible to set up something akin to an exercise machine in the patient's hospital room.

Depending on which elastic band is selected, it is possible to develop strength and endurance in both the upper and lower body.

It is also possible to perform support training through e.g. pelvic lifts or to support the upper body through abdominal exercises.

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