Sustainability and Environment


No one can exist without impacting the environment.

At V. Guldmann A/S, we actively work to ensure that the negative impact we can control is minimized. Since 2017, Guldmann has been ISO 9001 quality certified, and since 2020, we have also been environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. This means that we continuously work on improving our management system, with a focus on process-oriented thinking, lifecycle and recycling, and committed collaboration with our suppliers.

Guldmann's objectives are to:
- Comply with applicable laws and regulations
- Continuously minimize the relative amount of waste and emissions and ensure the highest possible degree of reuse
- In collaboration with suppliers, ensure that we use environmentally friendly materials and processes
- Ensure that our products do not unnecessarily impact the environment negatively during use, recycling, and possible destruction
- Continuously improve our environmental management system and associated environmental performance
- This is done while considering the economic and technological resources at our disposal, as well as our overall economic goals for the company and based on our fundamental values.

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