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Ever since Guldmann was founded in 1980, we have been committed to providing our customers with advice and training in the field of lifting and handling techniques, improving the physical aspects of the working environment and integrating welfare technology into the healthcare sector.

In 2005, Guldmann Consulting became an independent department tasked with accessing a broader professional context and working with customers keen to create a superior working environment in their organisations.

Guldmann Consulting has since developed into one of the strongest training providers in the Danish healthcare sector.

All Guldmann Consulting staff have years of experience in their specialist fields, and many of them possess knowledge drawn from practical work at both national and international level.

Our approach is distinguished by the high demands we make on ourselves, along with our commitment to basing the services we provide on influencing attitudes, self-analysis, responsibility, and professionalism. This means Guldmann Consulting is well-equipped to train care staff to use the best possible lifting and moving techniques, and to work correctly with the products – as well as assisting in a range of other areas that can influence the physical working environment.

We work with:


Work techniques

Body awareness

Influencing attitudes

Lifting and handling techniques

Work aids

The physical working environment




Broad range of services

Guldmann Consulting provides courses, projects, lectures, seminars, consultancy and analysis that cover a wide range of topics relevant to ergonomics and lifting and handling techniques.

We base all our services on empowerment theory and the philosophy of helping people to help themselves. This means we place great emphasis on influencing attitudes, self-analysis, responsibility, and professionalism. We dare to ask the right questions and take a completely new approach to instruction and learning.

Better results can only come from better actions, and we are specialists in planning and holding courses structured to ensure that this is precisely what happens – even after we have left the building.

We operate globally and make sure to adapt our services specifically to the needs of your organisation.

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