Head support

Neck support

  1. A simple support with a variety of uses

  2. Easy to adapt to the user

  3. Comfortable


Neck support – comfortable and easy to use

The Neck support is intended for situations in which it is necessary to secure and stabilise the user’s head while he/she is moved in a sling. The design makes it simple to attach the Neck support to the sling. It is ideal for use with people suffering extension spasms because when positioned correctly the support does not stimulate the neck reflexes.

The level of support provided is easy to regulate using the press studs on the straps. The Neck support is made of PU (polyurethane) foam coated with polyester.

The Guldmann Neck support is suitable for use with all Guldmann Sit-On slings.

Using the appropriate sling is essential for efficient moves and helps ensure both user comfort and carer safety.

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