Extension Straps

Extension straps

  1. Increase the flexibility of the individual sling

  2. Enable products to be adapted and combined

  3. Easy to store


Extension straps – expand the options

There are many factors to take into account when using a sling to lift or move a person. For example, it is important to choose a lifting hanger of the appropriate type and size. The various settings on the sling straps provide a wide range of options for improving user safety and comfort.

Extension straps make it possible to adapt the lifting equipment to suit the situation and the individual user even better. These straps can, for example, be used to increase the gap between the user’s head and the lifting hanger or to open the user’s thighs a little wider.

The Extension straps are made of polyester and available in two sizes: 20 and 30 cm. The straps are supplied in packs of two and can be used for lifts of up to 500 kg.

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