Wall rails are designed for direct installation on all types of wall

Wall rails

  1. Discreet and elegant

  2. Flexible traverse rail compensates for irregularities of up to 80 mm

  3. For direct installation on all walls


Wall rails – a secure, efficient solution

Guldmann Wall rails are designed for direct installation on all types of wall. A flexible traverse rail is used with the wall rail system to compensate automatically for irregularities of up to 80 mm.

This rail system is easy and economical to install, and can also be dismantled and used again elsewhere without any problems.

The wall-mounted rail system is used with either the GH3, GH1 / GH1 Q lifting module or the GHZ lifting module which is built into the traverse rail.
When using the GH3, the lifting module is charged automatically in the rail, regardless of where the lifting module is placed in the rail system.
The GH1, GH1Q or GHZ are charged via the hand control in the charging station.

A continuous rail system provides complete coverage and efficient transfer from room to room – from the bedroom to bathroom, for example (see photo).

The wall rail can also be used for hanging pictures, decorations, curtains and so on.

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