Early Mobility Activities
with Trainer Module

It is extremely important to mobilise patients as early as possible – ideally during the period of hospitalisation.

Early mobilisation will enable patients to commence rehabilitation sooner, which will improve convalescence after an operation by boosting blood circulation and reducing the risk of infection and other complications.

With the Trainer Module and Gait Trainer sling, it is possible to start rehabilitation with dynamic weight relief already in the patient’s room. The dynamic weight relief is ideal for the early mobilisation of patients, balance training, different kinds of standing or sitting exercises and gait training, and provides confidence and safety for both user and carer.

In Trainer Module mode the GH3+ will dynamically unload the patient’s body weight with up to 100 kg. The caregiver selects the amount of weight needed to be unloaded for the patient and the Trainer module will do the rest. The caregiver can focus on the patient and the quality of the exercise/activity.

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