Guldmann introduces new sling strap with ”smart loop” technology

Guldmann is once again pushing the industry standards to new levels with the launch of the new sling strap with “smart loop” technology.

By using modern weaving techniques to produce the “smart loop” sling strap, the product becomes homogeneous and even stronger as the tolerances are improved by producing the entire sling strap and loops in one-piece.

This relatively small change may have a great impact on working procedures within moving and handling of patients.

The new and innovative sling strap with “smart loops” is introduced on the Guldmann TENCEL® repositioning sling.

Patent Pending.

Easy to use

  • The reduced shearing forces result in less effort is needed from the care provider when removing the sling straps from under the patient
  • A colour code, which is clearly visible from all angles, makes it easy to attach the sling correctly to the hanger
  • The simplified design with a one-piece woven strap and loops makes it easy to handle safely – even with one hand

Improved comfort

  • Less bulky – when placing and removing the sling straps the risk of shearing against the skin of the patient is significantly reduced

Easy to store and handle

  • Less material and lower weight (1 kg per 10 slings equal to 7% of a repositioning sling) equals a lower cost of cleaning and shipping

Safe to use

  • Reduces the risk of unintentional entanglement in the surrounding environment (wheelchair, bed, etc.) because the loops are smoothly integrated into the strap
  • Reduces the trip-hazards as unused loops are a straight sling strap
  • Easy to tug away when not in use

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