A good tip:

Putting on and lifting
the patient in a sling

When mobilising a patient using a lift and a sling, it has to be done with the greatest possible comfort for the patient. At the same time, we need to avoid subjecting the patient to risks such as skin shear.

In some cases, it is difficult to place the leg straps underneath the thighs. Should this be the case you can place a little sliding sheet – singular or double between the thighs and the surface. Afterwards, you pull the leg strap in place between the surface and the sliding sheet or between the double sliding sheet.

When lifting a patient from a bed we recommend that you adjust the bed in such a way that the patient is in a sitting position. This will make the transfer more comfortable for the user. The same applies when you transfer back to the bed. Adjust the bed to a high sitting position and then adjust the bed’s back height after the transfer is complete.

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