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Ease the work with hygiene tasks  

Cleaning and other hygiene tasks for dependent patients can demand several turns, lifts and requires much manual handling, often requiring the need to lift one or more extremities. It is physically challenging to lift and or hold a leg, as one leg is approximately 16% of the entire bodyweight. A person weighing 100 kg will thus have a leg weighing 16 kg.

If you use the Guldmann Twin Turner and the Guldmann Leg Sling or Guldmann Multi Support sling you will reduce the physical strain when performing such care tasks.

The Twin Turner sling eases the work when you have to turn and hold the patient in side position to provide required care, while the Guldmann Leg Sling or Guldmann Multi Support sling can elevate the uppermost leg, providing needed space to ease access and effectively clean.

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