Product life cycle

Product life cycle

At Guldmann, we actively work to ensure that our environment is minimally impacted by considering the entire lifecycle of our products. As a company, we aim to create sustainable business models through:

  • Long product lifetimes that ensure maximum utilization of scarce material resources
  • Optimized energy usage through product use
  • Simple solutions that can be reused in new use cases
  • Efficient use of resources in production and operation
  • Choosing environmentally friendly materials and processes to the greatest extent possible
  • Modular products that are easy to repair and extend the lifespan of
  • Modules can be separated into material groups, sorted, and recycled

These measures support Guldmann's environmental policy and desire to participate in reducing the world's consumption of resources.

A ceiling lift primarily consists of electronics, plastics, and metals. With proper sorting, the components can be reused. Rail systems are made of pure aluminium and are therefore highly suitable for recycling.

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