Donation for Ukrainian troops

Before Christmas Guldmann donated to Winter packages for the Ukrainian troops at the front.

The winter clothing package for Ukrainian front soldiers has been developed in collaboration with the Ukrainian Military of Defence Attache in Denmark and the Ambassador and then approved by the Military of Defence in Ukraine without remarks. All products are subject to quality control at the production line and in Denmark before packing in separate packages for each soldier.

As an example, the M65 winter uniform is produced with 2 layers of fleece so it can withstand high minus degrees.

The Arctic sleeping bag is extraordinarily produced with 3.5 kilos of thermofill, so that it withstands cold to around minus 40 degrees Celsius. At the same time, it is fireproof and waterproof.

The woolen products are either wool or fleece and the military boots are leather and have microfiber soles, as well as safety steel frame at the toes, so that they can last for a long time.

vinterpakken defence ukraine

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