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Sterntaler Children's Hospice
A retreat for the whole family

Photos: Anjuschka Pilz, Düsseldorf

The Grimm's fairy tale, "The Star Money" gives inspiration:

Inspiration to face the adversities of life and still be there for others. The Sterntaler, a children's hospice in Dudenhofen near Speyer deliberately chose this name, because it wants to be an inspiration as well.

Most adults associate institutions such as hospices with a certain amount of anxiety. After all, a hospice reminds us of the finite nature of life. The care activities in a children's hospice however focus more on life and less on its impermanence, this begins, not with end-of-life care, but much earlier. For example, like the other children's hospices in Germany, the Sterntaler in-patient children's hospice in Dudenhofen (near Speyer) provides the entire family of a terminally ill child with the opportunity to recharge their batteries for up to four weeks a year. 

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