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Smart Health Innovation Lab

An Accelerator for Transformative Healthcare Technologies

The Smart Health Innovation Lab showcases top-tier technologies and services that play an important role in healthcare transformation by improving health outcomes, enhancing the patient and provider experience, and reducing costs.

Guldmann Inc. supported the lab by providing ceiling lift systems for safe patient handling that will play a key role in the lab’s operations.

At the Smart Health Innovation Lab, startups participate in a 12-week certification program where they work with technology and clinical experts to validate their products and integrate their technologies into clinical workflows.

“As we built out the Smart Health Innovation Lab facilities, we sought out best-in-breed technologies and services that aligned with our mission”

- Kim Ireland, CEO of Smart Health Innovation Lab.

“Through Guldmann’s contributions and support, startups will have access to a comprehensive set of solutions, services, and technology to streamline their own efforts.”

- Anders Drechsler, President of Guldmann Inc.

Startups utilize various simulated care environments at the lab’s state-of-the-art facilities, including a pharmacy, hospital room, physical therapy gym, clinician’s office, and home environment, to demonstrate how their technologies impact cost, the patient and provider experience, and health outcomes.

The Smart Health Innovation Lab used a collaborative approach to equip the entire facility. Everything from the simulated care environments to the conference rooms are outfitted by industryleading companies and vendors that have sponsored the lab, including Guldmann Inc.

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