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Groundbreaking software brings new opportunities for superhospitals

This article was published in the Danish specialist journal HOSPITAL DRIFT & ARKITEKTUR (hospital operations and architecture), October 2016. By Dorthe Lundh

Are our patient handling procedures being followed?
Are resources in the departments being used as efficiently as possible?
Where do we have issues?
Is there a ceiling hoist in need of a service check?

Thanks to the CLM Online software these questions are easily answered through accessible information.

CLM Online is an abbreviation of Care Lift Management Online. The software makes process optimization easier by collecting data automatically and thus making it easy to find out whether the hospital's ceiling hoists are being used as efficiently as possible or whether there are issues that need to be analyzed further.

You can map all of the hospital's ceiling hoists and access all the relevant usage information in any location via a user-friendly interface.

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