• Transfer Treatment Training

  • GHZ


  • Active Micro sling instruction – How to put the sling on / take the sling off in wheelchair

  • Active Micro Plus sling instruction – How to put sling on / take sling off in wheelchair

Mobiele tilliften

  • GL5 - Lifting from bed to wheelchair

  • GL5 - Mobile Lifter - Lifting from wheelchair


  • Combi-lock

  • XY systeem plafondtillift


  • Lifting Hanger - How to attach - remove

  • Cross Hanger - How to attach - remove


  • medi-matic - Workflow with patient foot supports

Rehabilitatie en herstel

  • Safety and Quality of life for Michael and his wife Sonja

  • Sit to stand with Trainer Module - Little girl

Vroege mobilisatie

  • Early mobilisation - The first steps

  • Early mobilisation - To the bedside

Intensive Care

  • Horizontal lifting support lifting with horizontal sling

  • Horizontal lifter foldable lifting straps

Zwaarlijvige patiënten

  • Bariatric Care Solutions

  • Gait Trainer Bariatric sling - Ambulation with and without walker

Langdurige zorg

  • Marienlund Care centre DK

  • Safe gait training with Active Trainer sling and ceiling hoist


  • Driving in patient to the Operating theatre (OR)

  • Preparation of the OR sling for side positioning

Gebruikelijke verzorgings- en hygiënetaken

  • Using the Basic Basic sling for toilet visit

  • Lifting an arm for hygiene purposes

Andere video's

  • Patient Story: Emilee

  • Restroom Trip and Transfer - EmShan VLOG