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Faster rehabilitation progress with Guldmann Positioning lock

The physiotherapist behind FysioViola, Viola van Wijngaarden, has a passion for helping people with neurological and physical problems achieve the optimal results in their daily life activities. She specializes in treatments that focus on the brain, stimulus processing and rehabilitation.

Viola helps her clients create realistic goals – and achieve them. She coordinates treatment plans with the client based on their personal living conditions. A treatment session can take place in FysioViola’s quiet exercise room or in situations/locations where the client experiences the most problems.

The exercise room is equipped with a room-covering ceiling hoist including a Positioning lock and lots of other exercise equipment.

  • The ability to lock the hoist in different positions on the rail has proven extremely useful in training and rehabilitation situations and it was the main reason why Viola chose the Guldmann GH3 ceiling hoist.

  • After a thorough consultation with Viola to understand her needs the GH3 ceiling hoist and Positioning lock were installed by Ergocare Vennik B.V, our distributor in the Netherlands.

  • Viola has achieved very good results by using the hoist and Positioning lock in conjunction with a Training kit that consists of different elastic tubes and a Multi Support sling. In her own words, she describes a specific client (incomplete paraplegic) for whom used the Training kit right away:

“I used the sling with the black elastics to perform bridging-exercises which is lifting the hips. This enabled him to do the exercise in a more controlled manner and actually feel what he was doing and thereby use the correct muscles. I also used it to do the superman-exercise, which is standing on hands and knees. With the Multi Support sling around his core, he was able to avoid moving his pelvis while reaching out with one arm.

The sling gave him the stability to perform the exercise properly without compensating.
I was very happy and the client was too!”

- Viola van Wijngaarden, Physiotherapist, FysioViola

Another client was recovering from a stroke. For this client, Viola used the ceiling hoist and Positioning lock in conjunction with the Active Trainer sling on an elliptical trainer for a few times until he was able to do it without the lock.

Later on, she used the products for training step-ups and as the client improved an obstacle course. At first just four obstacles and slowly progressing to many more obstacles.

Video Example >>

Positioning lock - Obstacle Course - FysioViola

Positioning lock - Obstacle Course - FysioViola

Positioning Lock - Treadmill - FysioViola

Positioning Lock - Treadmill - FysioViola

Viola is working on improving the flexion in the client's right, hemiplegic leg. Therefore, the client wears the Active Trainer when walking on the treadmill as she can then assist him with his foot.

<< Video Example

Viola uses the Positioning lock to help her patient to be more aligned on the treadmill. She will usually lock the hoist and not the traverse rail while doing this. Without the lock, the exercises for balance are much more challenging. 

Without lock

FysioViola - Loopbandtraining - Uitlijning - Zonder Guldmann Positioneringsslot

With lock

FysioViola - Loopbandtraining - Uitlijning - Met Guldmann Positioneringsslot

Using the Positioning lock it is possible to train the shifting point of gravity and balance. Something that is very difficult for people with brain injury (CVA).

“He constantly has a feeling of falling. I can assure him 100 times that he is not going to fall, but when using the hoist, he can experience and feel it himself without the risk."
- Viola van Wijngaarden, Physiotherapist, FysioViola

Before using the Positioning lock and Active Trainer during training exercises, the client was very anxious about walking on his own in the street. Even after multiple successful training sessions, he did not have the confidence to do it by himself.

Now, his confidence is much higher and he is thus able to do so much more, including walking on his own. 

His progress has been remarkably fast, partially because of the great training benefits provided by the Positioning lock in conjunction with the ceiling hoist.