Changing Places across the state Victoria, Australia

"Changing Places is a project to advocate for public toilets with full sized change tables and hoists in major public spaces across Australia to meet the needs of people with severe and profound disabilities." - Changing Places website

AUD 2.6 million in grants has been announced by the Victorian Government to fund a network of 26 new Changing Places toilets across Victoria, Australia.

An accredited Changing Places includes:

  • An adult sized change table
  • Ceiling Hoist
  • Peninsula toilet
  • Shower (optional)

Changing Places are larger than standard accessible toilets with adult-sized change tables and tracking hoists in major public spaces to meet the needs of people with high support needs. 


Ontvang periodiek onze nieuwsbrief over mooie projecten, slimme oplossingen en het realiseren van meer tijd voor zorg.