Architects for Health on Tour

The organisation Architects for Health (AFH) visited our headquarter as part of their study tour in Denmark.

AFH is a non-profit organisation for those interested in improving health and well-being through healthcare design. Guldmann UK have been a sponsor and supported AFH for the last 4 years.

The tour had healthcare architecture in focus but also visited ARoS (art museum of Aarhus) and Dokk1 (Library and Citizens' Services). Dokk1 invoked great excitement as an architectonic pearl, that provides an oasis for the citizens of Aarhus. Another great source of inspiration was the DokkX (Welfare Tech Center) located in Dokk1 in which it is possible to see and try many different types of assisted living technologies.

The group visited the hospitals of Horsens and Kolding to experience Danish hospital architecture in action.

Architect company C.F. Møller had a session later during the study tour in which they talked about some of their projects for the healthcare sector.

The group was presented with different lifting techniques during the visit in Guldmann HQ and showroom. Here they were put to work doing a variety of exercises and practical applications of the hoist including; working in OR, early mobilisation and rehabilitation and the benefits of using a ceiling hoists instead of a mobile hoist. The Architects got involved without hesitation and were enthusiastic towards the tasks.

Our Stepless showroom did not escape the attention either and was thoroughly explored.

Already we have had some fantastic feedback regarding the overall visit and our facilities.

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