"Using the ceiling hoist for rehabilitation and training"

Last week Stine Stensgaard from Guldmann Consulting held a course on “Using the ceiling hoist for rehabilitation and training” together with our distributor, Ergocare, at FysioViola in the Netherlands.

The participants was a mixture of approx. 25 therapists and nurses from the care sector, hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

The focus was on using already known products, such as the Multi Support sling, the Basic Low sling and the Repositioning sling, in connection with rehabilitation. The walk-through of the many possibilities of using these slings resulted in both passionate and professional discussions among the participants who exchanged experiences and new ideas.

There was also time for introducing the background for developing the Guldmann Positioning Lock. The participants were very positive to the fact that the product had been developed in close collaboration between Guldmann and the health professionals at the Regional Hospital in Horsens and Odense University.

The demonstration of the Positioning Lock and the Training Kit evoke a great professional enthusiasm and interest. Not least when the participants had a chance to try out the products themselves.

It was clear that many had been inspired by how to use a ceiling hoist for something else than lifting and moving.

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