Spostamento orizzontale con barella per sollevamento orizzontale

Barella per sollevamento orizzontale, con regolazione continua del peso

  1. Per spostamento in posizione orizzontale

  2. Capacità di sollevamento fino a 375 kg

  3. Regolazione continua del peso


Barella per sollevamento orizzontale – Per lo spostamento in posizioni orizzontali

The Horizontal lifting support with stepless weight adjustment, together with a horizontal lifting sling is used with a ceiling hoist or mobile lifter for moving people who have to be kept in horizontal positions.

The Horizontal lifting support is used in situations where a flat lift of the patient is required from a horizontal starting position. The position can be completely horizontal or it can be adjusted with the stepless adjustment of the centre of gravity so the angle is best suited to the actual lifting requirement. The infinitely variable weight adjustment is activated by a turning handle.

The Horizontal lifting support is stored in a wall-mounted holder and connects and disconnects to the ceiling hoist directly while still in the holder to avoid manual handling.

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