Product videos: Ceiling Hoist Systems

  • Transfer Treatment Training

    Transfer Treatment Training

  • GHZ Lifting Module – discreet and almost invisible



  • Guldmann Slings

    Guldmann Slings

  • Sling instruction - The Z-method

    The Z-method instruction video - Use the Z-method to apply a lifting sling in bed

Mobile Lifters

  • GL5 - Mobile Lifter - Lifting from bed to wheelchair

    GL5 - Lifting from bed to wheelchair

  • GL5 - Mobile Lifter

    GL5 - Mobile Lifter - Lifting from wheelchair


  • Rail Crossing module

    Rail Crossing Module

  • Room covering rail systems combined with Combi-lock


Lifting Accessories

  • Lifting Hanger - How to attach - remove

  • Cross Hanger - How to attach - remove


  • My Case Video - with brothers

  • Safety and Quality of life for Michael and his wife Sonja

Early mobilisation

  • Early mobilisation - the first steps

    Early mobilisation - The first steps

  • Early mobilisation _ to bedside

    Early mobilisation - To the bedside

Intensive Care

  • Positioning sling w multi support

    Positioning sling and Multi Support - for proning a patient

  • Repositioning Slings and Smart Glide for proning in bed

    Repositioning Slings and Smart Glide for proning in bed

Bariatric Care

  • Solutions for Bariatric care

    Bariatric Care Solutions

  • Bariatric Active Trainer

    Gait Trainer Bariatric sling - Ambulation with and without walker

Long Term Care

  • Ceiling lift system assisted lifting, as a part of the rehabilitation program, can be used at all mobility levels, and paves the way for flexible, closely targeted training adapted to suit the functional capabilities of the individual user.

    Marienlund Care centre DK

  • Long term care - Safe gait training with ceiling hoist and Active Trainer Vest

    Safe gait training with Active Trainer sling and ceiling hoist

Operating Theatre

  • Driving in patient to the OR

    Driving in patient to the Operating theatre (OR)

  • OR - Preparation of the OR sling for side positioning

    Preparation of the Positioning sling for side positioning

General Hygiene Tasks

  • Hygiene - Basic Basic to toilet

    Using the Basic Basic sling for toilet visit

  • Hygiene - Lifting an arm

    Lifting an arm for hygiene purposes

Other videos

  • Patient Story: Emilee

  • Non Scandalous Restroom Trip and Transfer with Guldmann Room Spanning Ceiling Lift and Sling

    Restroom Trip and Transfer - EmShan VLOG

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